Lisa Kaplan Gordon is an award-winning writer and editor whose work has appeared in national newspapers, magazines and on many online sites including Yahoo!, AOL and AARP.

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Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Infertile Women Have Children

Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Infertile Women Ha...


The Story Behind Tearful Father-Son Hug on the Football Field

The Story Behind Tearful Father-Son Hug on the Foot...

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Real Housewife Yolanda Foster Sells Mansion for $8M Discount; ‘My World Has Become Very Small’

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster and her Grammy-winning husband, David, have finally sold their Malibu mansion for $19,450,000  – $8 million shy of their initial $27.5 million asking price two years ago – according to Variety, which broke the story. The 11,622...

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Surgery Could Give Men Wombs of Their Own Within 5 Years

Hearing the news, we, and some of you, wondered: If science can transplant a uterus into a woman, can it transplant one into a man? Theoretically, men could receive a uterus, carry a baby to term,  and give birth. “My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner,” says Dr.... article

Fathers | Yahoo Parenting

... for Father of 6 Killed in San Bernardino Shooting · Lisa Kaplan Gordon · News ... Recognize Dad as Bank Robber in Newspaper Photo · Lisa Johnson Mandell....

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What Is the Mona Lisa of Digital Art?’s Pyramidi installation at the Barbican. The Barbican show, a wide-ranging survey of technology and the arts, is the latest evidence that artists, galleries, museums, and even collectors have embraced the idea of Internet-age digital art. Indeed the exhibition has been characterized as revealing...

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How to Make a Palette Christmas Tree

There are so many wonderful alternative ways to create a Christmas tree this time of the year.  We love this sturdy idea that is surprisingly simple to do, if you have a saw.  Most of us have seen a stray random palate just waiting to be up-cycled into a wonderful...

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Here's How to Wrap That Odd-Shaped Gift

We’ve all been in that situation where you find the perfect gift for someone and then realize it’s almost impossible to wrap. That odd shape means as much as you try, you just can’t get the wrapping paper to look nice. Well, here’s a solution for you – wrap it...

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Nick Cannon Is RadioShack's New 'Chief Creative Officer,' for Some Reason

Contemporary Renaissance man Nick Cannon is adding another line to his already-crowded résumé by joining beleaguered electronics chain RadioShack as the company’s chief creative officer. The company may be bankrupt and shrinking, but that hasn’t stopped it from pursuing synergistic celebrity relationships...

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Coconut Cranberry Soup

This is delicious, but be sure you get dried cranberries that are sweetened naturally without corn syrup. You want to avoid hidden sugars at all cost. If you can find young Thai coconuts in a local market, by all means use them. Their fresh flavor is a treat....


White House Stuns with Record-Breaking Holiday Decorations

Whoever wins the presidential election next November better be ready to go all-out on holiday decorating. The White House has decked the halls for the 2015 season, and it’s breaking a few holiday-decorating records. Here’s a breakdown of just how the Obamas are upping the bar for future White House...

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Corporations are Promising to Share GMO Information, But Is It Enough?

Are you willing to scan all the items in your grocery cart to get info? (Getty Images)...

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How to Watch Google’s Sept. 29 Nexus Event

If the iPhone isn’t your handset of choice, there’s a good chance you’re jazzed up for Tuesday’s Google announcement. The Internet-search megacompany’s San Francisco shindig kicks off at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET). According to rumors, we’re expecting Google to introduce a couple new Android Nexus smartphones...

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Always Be in the Shade in a Drivable Adirondack Chair

Missouri resident Richard Brull, who describes himself as an “entrepreneur for a living,” as well as a “master electrician by trade,” decided to make a set of Adirondack chairs that are “slightly more” mobile than usual. By Jeremy Cook Make: Featured at Kansas City Maker Faire Inspiration, according...

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The #1 Body Part to Slim Down for Others to Find You More Attractive

According to Nicholas Rule, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition at University of Toronto, the perception of beauty based off of weight in the face is likely due to our perception of health....