Lisa Kaplan Gordon is an award-winning writer and editor whose work has appeared in national newspapers, magazines and on many online sites including Yahoo!, AOL and AARP.

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1442851109 mulchleaves og article
Popular Mechanics

Why You Should Mulch Your Leaves This Fall

Being lazy never made so much sense....

1440182170 stonewall1 article
Popular Mechanics

The Gorgeous, Swirling Beauty of a Flowing Stone Wall

These walls really rock....

1438616691 cable article
Popular Mechanics

Finally, A Nice-Looking Way to Store All Your Stupid Cables

No more hiding them all in a shoebox full of tangled hell....

1440785082 everblock1 article
Popular Mechanics

These Giant Blocks Let You Build LEGO-Like Furniture

You could make other stuff, but really, who doesn't want a big block couch?...

Landscape 1440442974 lampshade article
Popular Mechanics

How to Make a Lampshade in 8 Easy Steps

You can make a lampshade out of pretty much anything—watered silk stretched over hammered coat hangers, corrugated steel, copper tubing strung together with wire . . . or twine and glue, like this one....

Landscape 1441033332 american houses article
Popular Mechanics

121 House Styles Explained in 1 Gorgeous Poster

All the gable knowledge you require....

Gallery 1433424140 6 channellock article
Popular Mechanics

The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Pliers

Pliers are indispensable. But don't go plying around until you've got your mechanical facts straight....

Landscape 1442847907 keys980 article
Popular Mechanics

Why Smart Locks Won't Kill the Old-Fashioned Key

Will smart locks ever completely eliminate house keys? Schuyler Towne, one of America's top competitive lock pickers, isn't so sure....

Landscape 1442929827 readerbuild chickentruck article
Popular Mechanics

This Guy Built a Brilliant Chicken Coop on Wheels

For the chicken farmer on the go....

Landscape 1440106929 pgryrwr article
Popular Mechanics

This Guy Built His Man Cave Behind a Secret Bookcase

A manly lair that would make Indiana Jones proud....